We are here to help you!

We understand the challenges you may face iwhen looking after someone with a long-term health condition.

How the service works

You can:

  • Make contact with us directly as a “sellf-referral”
  • Be referred by your GP
  • Be referred by other health professionals or a social worker.

Once referred we will make contact with you to discuss your situation and help identify the information, advice or support you may need. We work in partnership with other services such as community nursing support and social care to provide you with both clinical and non clinical services.

We will help you to understand what a carers assessment can offer you.

Support for Carers

We can offer you:

  • Advice on benefits that may be available to you and the person you look after.
  • Free Counselling: up to 8 sessions with a counsellor.
  • Support Groups – an opportunity to meet other carers. You can talk about your situation, share ideas and get support from each other. We will organise speakers that may be of interest.
  • Fit and Well Club: 6 week fitness programme.
  • Taking Back Control: This course helps you to deal with the emotional impact of you caring role.

Please take a look at our Training & Events Calendar to find out more or book a place on one of our training courses.


If you can’t be there ?

Carers naturally worry about what would happen to the person they look after if they became ill or were involved in an accident. Who would know that there was someone who depends on them?

A Carer’s Emergency Card System is operated by Hounslow Council, which registers details of people who would not be able to manage on their own if their Carer became incapacitated, so that the council can provide emergency help.To obtain a Carer’s Emergency card tou will need to have a Carers Assessment completed by the London Borough of Hounslow.


If you would like to register for an emergency card please contact Hounslow adult social care www.hounslow.gov.uk



If you are often away from the person you care for, or live elsewhere, you may consider using Telecare, a 24-hour service which helps potentially vulnerable people live more independently in their homes. The Telecare unit is linked to a care centre by the telephone line and can be activated by either pressing a button on a pendant, which is worn by the cared-for person, or remotely via another telecare sensor, for example, smoke alarms, fall detectors or pill dispensers. Telecare units can be rented for a few pounds a week.


Your local community alarm service: Linkline. Enquires should be made via the First Contact Team on email or visit www.hounslow.gov.uk


Tell your GP!

It is important that you let your GP know that you are a carer.  Telling your GP will make them aware of the extra pressures you are under and can offer you appropriate help, information or entitlements. Please inform your GP that you are a carer as individual GP surgeries can offer a range services such as double appointments and priority booking.

If you need any help to complete the form, please contact us on the number given below.